Relieve Neck Tension! New Classes This Week

instruction site news yoga therapy Apr 17, 2021

I've added four new all-around classes and lessons to the site this week. Three of them have an emphasis on chest and shoulder opening which is great for improving posture and relieving neck tension. I know many of you have liked my previous targeted lessons that help to work with neck and shoulder tension, so I wanted to create all-around practices that work with some of those postures and movements. I've done the three "Heart Opening" classes at three different levels, so there should be a class to suit everyone. 

Heart Opening Sequence (Primary Track: Chapter 2)
This is a fairly relaxed 44-minute sequence that starts and ends with a passive, restorative chest opener. You will need a chair and a blanket (or a thick towel or two). 

Heart Opening Chair Sequence (Gentle Track)
This 40-minute all-around chair sequence has an emphasis on chest and shoulder opening and  also includes some seated half sun salutes, some leg strength and flexibility work, and some core exercises. It's mostly in a chair with some standing, although all but one of the things I've done standing, can be done seated if need be.  

Heart Opening Advanced Sequence (Primary or Rigorous Track: Chapter 4)
This 65-minute sequence has a fairly relaxed pace taking you through a more advanced sequence that works the whole body, but has an emphasis on chest and shoulder opening.
You can choose to take this class on the Primary or Rigorous track. 

Quick All Around Chair Sequence (Gentle Track)
If you only have 15 minutes and you want to do an overall chair sequence this is for you. It's got some seated half-sun salutes, some core work, some side stretches, a twist, and a hamstring stretch to cap it off. 
I wouldn't recommend this to those who are brand new to my chair sequences because it's a little more face paced and I don't explain things as much.


Targeted Neck Tension Release Classes

If you haven't done my previous videos on relieving neck and shoulder tension you can find them here: 



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