New Classes: Focus on Isometrics

Apr 29, 2021

4 new classes this past week

I've added two more conditioning and strength classes to the site this week. One is easier and one is more advanced. I've also added a new core sequence and a new chair sequence.

In the "Engage and Condition" sequence I go over how isometrics can not only help to increase strength, they can also help to prevent wear and tear on the joints (particularly the hip joint). For instance, when you contract your thigh muscles in a forward bend it increases the stretch in the hamstrings so you don't have to move the joint as far to get as much benefit from the stretch. Many more rigorous forms of yoga have emphasized isometrics while stretching, but it turns out that these practices are really great for us as we get older. I highly recommend just trying to engage your thighs while you're in a forward bend and see how that affects the way the stretch feels. If you're following the primary track... this first class below would be a great one to try out this principle.


Engage and Condition Sequence (32 min)          

This Chapter 1 sequence focuses on strength and conditioning through movements, postures, and isometrics. 
Beyond isometrics this class includes some postures and movements to help build leg, upper body and core strength.

I've tried to make this class fairly accessible as long as you can do yoga on the floor. I give variations and options for the more difficult things, so you should be able to do this class at an easier level or, if you prefer, go with more challenging variations.

Primary Track or Rigorous Track


Advanced Strength Sequence (75 min)          

This is a fairly advanced class, but it should be accessible if you're already doing other Chapter 4 classes. Don't worry, I give variations for a number of things throughout the sequence to try to make it available to you on whatever level you're at today! I do add a few new poses to the mix that I haven't taught before that are great for strength including Bakasana (Crow Pose), Vashistasana (Side Plank), and Dolphin Pose. If you're familiar with yoga, you'll probably know these, but if you're new to yoga they are some great poses to add to your practice.  

It's pretty slow in the beginning, taking time to build up some heat, and it brings you down pretty easily at the end.

Primary Track or Rigorous Track

Seated Half Sun Salute (8 min)          

A few of you have asked for this, so here it is: a short session with some sun salutes in a chair. Sun Salutes are series of movements with the breath that are a part of many yoga practices. This is a chair variation of a Half Sun Salute.

I include sun salutes in many of my other sequences and practices, and they are a great thing to do on your own to give yourself a few minutes of yoga.

Gentle Track

Core Sequence--Front and Back (15 min)          

This short sequence works on strengthening the core but not just the abs. It also works on lower back strength. Working with the core muscles is so important for balance and posture.

Primary Track or Rigorous Track

Some other strength classes to try

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