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Classes to meet your goals and needs.


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Classes for Every Body

Designed for the over-50 crowd: ranging from very accessible (chair yoga) to athletic flow sequences, and every step in between.

Primary Track

Complete course for beginners starting with the basics all the way up to advanced practices.

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Gentle Track

Chair yoga and standing sequences for students with mobility issues or just those who want to practice at their desk. 

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Rigorous Track

An abbreviated version of the course for the more athletically inclined or those with some yoga experience.

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I'm Chris and I'm a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). I love working with people over 50 or 60 or 70 (I just turned 50 myself). Yoga really is accessible to just about everyone, whether you've got some extra years and/or some extra pounds under your belt.


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The fundamental lessons give you an introduction to postures, movements, techniques and correct alignment. These are the building blocks of the course.


Longer classes with various themes and goals--whether you want to be stronger, more fit and flexible, have more energy, let go of tension, reduce stress and anxiety, or if you just want to move.

Breathwork and Restorative

Breathing practices will help you come into a more calm, centered and meditative state. Restorative practices use long, gentle, supported poses.

What can you expect from my online course?

My course is designed to meet the needs and goals of a variety of students over 50. The course tracks will get you practicing at your level and on your terms. The all-around classes will make you feel more in your body and targeted classes will help you address issues like neck pain, lower back pain, anxiety and stress.

Clear Instruction

Starting with the basics. Easy to understand alignment cues and variations for different bodies.

Range of Classes

From very accessible to fairly difficult, all geared towards meeting the needs of my students. Want to see more of something? Just let me know. 

Personal Assessment 

Tell me your goals and any health issues and I'll help guide you through the course. 

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Don Sutherland, M.D.

"Chris is a natural yoga teacher. Taking his course has inspired me and allowed me to progress in my daily yoga practice. His instructions are clear and his voice soothing and calm, allowing me to focus on my technique without making it difficult."

Wendy Forbes

"At the age of 52 I find Christopher’s over 50s classes perfect. I can do chair stretches at work and am teaching myself to breathe again!! Christopher’s tone is so relaxing I find it calms me."

Charlie Boyer

"I never wanted to walk into a class full of people who knew exactly what they were doing and be the guy who knew nothing. I found Chris on-line and it has been amazing. I have become more relaxed, more elastic. Also the severe Long-Covid pain that I had when I began the classes is almost 100% gone." 

Be more fit, flexible, balanced, calm, centered and... happy!

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